Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza VIP Ticket

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Yes, we all have a big question mark in our heads. What will Ibiza 2020 look like? How can events happen with the restrictions and rules? We have prepared something special for you. A brand new event. Our unique Formentera Beach Hopping day trip. More adventure, more exploring, exclusive and less crowded. It’s not a party – it’s the most unique day trip we’ve ever done.

We don't know yet when we will be allowed to execute our boat party again.  But our day trip to paradise will 100% take place. Click here to be the party of this adventure

Define sexiness: Priority boarding, luxury VIP areas and tables, VIP hostess, access to the DJ booth and 50€ drinks credit. For free. 


Upgrade your Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza Boat Party with our online only special offer - save 5€ per VIP upgrade. Get your 50€ credit voucher online but pay only 45€.

For only 50€ minimum spent* pp. you get priority boarding to save your favourite spot on the boat first, access to all of our private VIP areas with sofas and tables on our upper deck, VIP hostess and bottle service for your special treatment and 50€ drinks credit on top to spend on bottles of premium spirits and champagne. Your VIP upgrade also comes with an exclusive backstage pass to access the DJ booth.

*You only pay 45€ online and can spend 50€ on bottles of premium spirits, champagne, signature cocktails and food. Yes, you’ve got it right! That means you not only get all of this for free, but we basically give you 5€ on top!

VIP tables are limited. Don’t wait too long!


This offer is only valid online. Once onboard (and if still available), VIP credit vouchers cost 50€. 

Attention: All tickets bought in 2020 are flex tickets that can be used for any event date in 2020 or 2021.


Of course also we will need to follow some rules. Please find them below. You might ask yourself now: How can events happen with these restrictions and rules? We have prepared something special for you. A brand new event in Ibiza. Our unique Formentera Beach Hopping day trip. More adventure, more exploring, exclusive and less crowded. It's not a party - it's the most unique day trip we've ever done. 

We're out at sea, as open-air as you can get, all the time moving, all the time with a decent breeze - it's the least 'stuffy' or enclosed event venue to be at a time like this.

Due to the higher amount of hygiene regulations and rules we need to follow now, we would like to collect a donation of 2€ upon your arrival to cover these costs. We hope that this is okay for you and thank you for your trust, cooperation and patience.

Luckily we have the biggest boat on the island - that means we can reduce the event capacity by 70% to 100 people to ensure the physical distance of 1.5 meters. That makes our events even more exclusive. 

Despite of that, we’ve implemented the following rules and regulations to ensure the safety of us all:

  • All sanitary facilities are equipped with hand sanitisers and are cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • All guests will have their allocated and reserved VIP area or seats.
  • We kindly ask you to stay in your allocated area as much as possible to avoid long queues at the bar.
  • We can't offer table service at the moment. Please order your drinks at the bar.
  • Please keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters when queuing. 
  • We offer contactless payment options onboard.
  • We kindly ask you for your understanding that there might be longer waiting times (at the toilets as well as for food and drinks) due to the health and safety regulations we are following. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please follow the instructions of our staff when asked.
  • Our staff wears masks and gloves to protect themselves and you.
  • Please wear masks when entering and leaving the boat. Under current regulations, masks need to be put on all the time. You're allowed to take it off when drinking and eating. 
  • Please follow the social distancing rules of 1.5 meters. (Please note that all photos shown on our website have been taken last year. This year we cannot stand and sit as close as the people on the photos.)
  • The execution of the towel service depends on the government regulations. If executed, all towels are washed at 90°C and disinfected after every event. Under current regulations, we cannot offer the towel service.
  • The usage of the snorkelling equipment depends on the government regulations. If used, the equipment is disinfected after every client and event. Under current regulations, we cannot offer the usage of our snorkelling equipment. If you want to snorkel, please bring our own equipment.
  • No use of paper menus and drinks lists. 
  • We only use organic single use cutlery, plates and cups. No use of reusable cups due to hygienic reasons. Please keep your cup as long as possible to protect the environment. Let's take care of our planet. Every additional cup will be charged with 1€.

Covid-19 rules for private events:
Please stay informed about the current rules and regulations as these also apply to maritime events and therefore affect the execution of private events aboard the Ibiza Boat Club. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions regarding the rules that apply. 

We are of course already accepting inquiries for 2021. 


Did you know that at Ibiza Boat Club, we have been investing in sustainability for years already?

Probably not, but we have always been keen to be as green as possible. Why? Doing good can be so easy. It lays in the little things. Every action and every step count. Doing good feels great. Let us show you what we are doing:

No use of plastic straws or any other kind of straws since 2015.

No use of single use plastic in any form: No single use plastic cups, no single use plastic plates or cutlery.

We only use reusable cups of 100% recycled plastic since 2016. We kindly ask you for your support in protecting the environment through keeping your cup as long as possible. Every additional cup will be charged with 1€.

We only serve finger food on our boat party that you can enjoy without needing a plate or cutlery. On the day trip to Formentera we serve Paella on paper plates that are made of recycled carton.

We only use recycled napkins and toilet paper.

We only use bio and organic soap and hand sanitisers.

We are constantly working on new options to make our events as green and sustainable as possible - for a better future, for a better Ibiza. Taking care of the environment while having fun feels amazing, doesn't it?

  • The only sunset boat party in Playa d’en Bossa. 
  • The biggest floating event venue in Ibiza - the Ibiza Boat Club.
  • The only boat party with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2016.
  • Open bar with beer, sangria, Sex on the boat cocktails, Malibu pornstar cocktails and water. 
  • Drinks served on the dance floor – no queuing! We make sure your cup is never empty. 
  • Swim stop with giant inflatable toys, 4m dive board and 2 water slides.
  • Top notch Void sound system.
  • Champagne spray show.