Private Yacht

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A special island, a special day, a special feeling.

That's what Ibiza is about.

We know how hard it is to find a boat or yacht for groups of 12 - 20 people to share a special day with your closest friends.

That's why we've prepared a unique solution for you: Depending on the exact size of your group you can either rent two yachts or one yacht and a jet ski or dinghy. When we're moving, your group needs to be separated as only 12 people are allowed to be on a yacht at the same time when on motion. Once at anchor it doesn't matter anymore. Isn't that amazing?

That means that you only need to decide who can have the fun and drive to your anchor place by jet ski or with a small dinghy. 

Our unique tandem solution is perfect for your bachelor / bachelorette party or birthday party with your loved ones.