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Our History

The team behind Ibiza Boat Club has a combined history of over half a century on the white island working their way to the top. We all came from different backgrounds and thus started our lives in Ibiza in different businesses. 


Growing older and more experienced we were looking for new challenges to use our collective ‘Island knowledge’ and create our own events….

Boat Events

Gazing to one of those iconic Ibiza sunsets we realised that the crystal clear waters around Ibiza are one of the best places in the world to host events.


We realised that we don’t need to invest in decoration, stage design or expensive light installations. We just took all the beauty nature gives us started hosting events on boats. We used the deep blue horizon and the hills and beaches as a background to our events.

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20.000 Sailors

We hosted our first events on a boat with a licence to take 80 people at once. We quickly learned that daytime events with the sea as a dance floor were a missing element in Ibiza’s culture. Boat events quickly became an important pillar in the Ibiza clubbing scene and now your holiday isn’t complete without one.


A couple of years later we were taking over 20.000 sailors on board during summer to give them something to remember for the rest of their lives…


We organised boat events together with Red Bull, Cocoon, Ibiza Sonica, Seat, Carl Cox and many more. 

The Next Step...

We teamed up with the owner of the biggest licenced boat on the island to start The Ibiza Boat Club. A superb event location to cater different types of events. From corporate events like seminars or press conferences over weddings to good old boat parties!


We want to use our own event experiences to create an all in 1 package for all kinds of events. But please, ask us anything you want and the answer will always start with ‘yes’. 


Tell us your most crazy and outrageous idea and we’ll make it happen together with you! 

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