Did you know that at Ibiza Boat Club, we have been investing in sustainability for years already?

Probably not, but we have always been keen to be as green as possible. Why? Doing good can be so easy. It lays in the little things. Every action and every step count. Doing good feels great. Let us show you what we are doing:

No use of plastic straws or any other kind of straws since 2015.

No use of single use plastic in any form: No single use plastic cups, no single use plastic plates or cutlery.

We only use reusable cups of 100% recycled plastic since 2016. We kindly ask you for your support in protecting the environment through keeping your cup as long as possible. Every additional cup will be charged with 1€.

We only serve finger food on our boat party that you can enjoy without needing a plate or cutlery. On the day trip to Formentera we serve Paella on paper plates that are made of recycled carton.

We only use recycled napkins and toilet paper.

We only use bio and organic soap and hand sanitisers.

We are constantly working on new options to make our events as green and sustainable as possible - for a better future, for a better Ibiza. Taking care of the environment while having fun feels amazing, doesn't it?